Koh Lanta for digital nomads

Working remotely in Koh Lanta offers a unique and inspiring experience that can help you stay focused and motivated. Whether you’re looking for a quiet workspace or a vibrant cafe atmosphere, there’s something for everyone on this stunning tropical island.

Here are some tips for working remotely in Koh Lanta:

  1. Find the perfect coworking space: Koh Lanta offers a variety of coworking spaces, from the popular KoHub to the relaxed atmosphere of The Hut. Depending on your work style, you can choose a space that offers private offices or shared workspaces, or even a space that offers yoga classes to help you stay fit and focused.
  2. Take breaks and explore the island: One of the best things about working remotely in Koh Lanta is the opportunity to take a break and explore the island. You can take a stroll along the beach or try some local cuisine at one of the island’s many cafes and restaurants.
  3. Get inspired by the island’s beauty: Koh Lanta is known for its stunning natural beauty, from the crystal-clear waters to the lush jungle scenery. Take advantage of this inspiration by working in a location that offers a view of the island’s natural beauty.
  4. Stay connected: Koh Lanta offers reliable and fast Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected to your work while enjoying the island’s natural beauty. Many cafes and coworking spaces also offer Wi-Fi, so you can work from anywhere on the island.
  5. Network with other remote workers: Koh Lanta is a popular destination for remote workers, so take advantage of this by networking with other professionals in your field. You can attend events and workshops hosted by coworking spaces or simply strike up a conversation at one of the island’s many cafes.

This island offers a wide variety of coworking locations to suit all needs. From shared workspaces to quiet cafes, there’s something for everyone on this stunning tropical island and we will let one of our best place to work at koh lanta.

  • The Glass House Cafe Bistro Cowork

This is the coolest work-friendly cafe on Koh Lanta! With a laid-back atmosphere and a variety of mouth-watering menu options, you’ll have no trouble staying focused and productive. We cannot forget to mention how friendly the people here are and when the sun goes down, this cafe transforms into the ultimate hotspot for club-hoppers and music-lovers! With live music and a magical ambiance, you’ll feel so good working there.

The cafe offers you: Brunch, Coffee,Work Space, Dinner, Cannabis & Magic Mushroom.


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